For a sweet, energizing way to end your dinner, try one of these dessert soup ideas. You might discover a new favorite delicacy among the strawberry, chocolate, and sweet red bean varieties.
10 Easy Dessert Soup Recipes That Will Wow The Entire Family

10 Best Dessert Soup Recipes

There are 10 dessert soup recipes on this list, all of them are suitable for any celebration.

It doesn't matter if they also resemble masterpieces of art. It's not the first thing that springs to mind to make a simple, sweet soup.

You might wish to regularly consume the dessert soup recipes on this list once you've tried them.

Compared to some of our traditional desserts, these sweet soups may not be as attractive. But that doesn't lessen how delicious they are.

There are some pretty outstanding dessert choices available here. Take a look at them and don't be hesitant to try the recipes.

Dessert soups might end up being "your thing," after all.


1. Chocolate Soup

Desserts like chocolate soup should be saved for rare occasions because they are rich and luscious.

Although it appears to be a sizable bowl of chocolate pudding or cocoa gravy, it is not.

Its proper texture is "thicker than hot chocolate but thinner than chocolate mousse," according to the recipe's creator.

It's incredibly sweet and chocolatey, as you would have guessed. Of course, that's another factor in its superiority.

With only four basic ingredients, it is exceedingly simple to prepare. It should be simple enough for you to prepare in 15 minutes.

To give it a little extra flair, feel free to top it with colorful ingredients. Berries, sprinkles, edible glitter, or anything else can be used.

As you may imagine, children absolutely love this one.


2. Chinese Black Sesame Soup

No, your perception is accurate. This soup has a deep black hue that glitters in the light. It's a fantastic option for Halloween.

It smells amazing and has a flavor that is slightly sweet and nutty. It is thick but not excessively so, so after eating it, you won't feel sluggish.

It's fairly nutritious too, at least in terms of sweets! A portion only has about 250 calories. Additionally, you can do it in just 15 minutes.


3. Kisel Recipe with Berries

Kisel is an acidic, sour, and completely sticky mess. It doesn't follow that you won't adore it.

Its texture falls halfway between jam and strawberry glaze.

The flavor is pure berries. This qualifies as a "dessert" since the sugar and mixed berries add enough sweetness.

There is also a lot of tartness, though. The cranberry cup takes care of it.


4. Zenzai (Oshiruko) – Red Bean Soup with Mochi

This red bean soup recipe is quite similar to the one before. There are a few modifications, but they are minor.

The mochi in this recipe is mostly what separates it from the other one. Traditional Japanese rice cakes are called mochi.

They make the red bean soup considerably tastier and are soft, chewy, and sweet.

Try this recipe if you want a treat that is extremely sweet.


5. Danish Cold Buttermilk Soup (Koldskål)

This chilled, sweet soup resembles a glass of milk. Even though I enjoy milk, this straightforward dessert is far more delicious.

It consists of a mixture of seven basic ingredients that you most likely already have in your kitchen. It has a delicate tanginess and is light, sweet, and flavorful.

To make it even better, slice some strawberries or add some blueberries. Additionally, you might add granola or crumbled cookies or cake to the soup.


6. Strawberry Soup

This creamy, sweet, and silky pink soup has a smooth texture. It comes together in only five minutes and has a delicious flavor from the contrasting components.

Strawberries, vanilla, sugar, and coconut milk provide the sweetness. Orange and lemon juices give the dish a hint of citrus acidity.

The cinnamon and ginger offer warmth and spice, and the tart yogurt has a sour flavor. This soup has an excellent flavor combination that makes it quite irresistible.

At your next spring or summer celebration, serve it as dessert. It will be a huge hit with your guests.


7. Ginataang Bilo Bilo

The sticky rice balls in coconut milk soup is another name for it. (However, Ginataang bilo bilo sounds more enjoyable!)

In the Philippines, it's a well-liked dessert or snack.

Despite having a peculiar appearance, it is also vibrant and entertaining.

Many people who are new to eating wonder what the various colorful pieces floating in it are.

They are sticky rice balls, jackfruit, plantains, and sweet potatoes.

The tapioca pearls give it a distinct, bubbly appearance, and it has a sweet and fruity flavor.

It can actually serve as breakfast in a pinch and is quite nutritious.


8. Snow Fungus Dessert Soup

Another odd-looking treat that tastes wonderful is presented here. It just takes 30 minutes to prepare and may be served either hot or cold.

It has a gentle, natural sweetness and is a warming, nourishing treat. It will provide you with a ton of flavor without being overly sweet.

*Note: The snow fungus becomes softer the longer the soup sits.

It will be rather crispy if you eat it right immediately. For a smoother, melt-in-your-mouth feeling, give it a little extra time.


9. Sweet Red Bean Soup

Red bean soup is a Chinese delicacy that is thick and sweet. It has tasteless tapioca pearls in it.

But most people like the pleasant chewiness and texture they add.

Red bean soup is not overly sweet, like the majority of Chinese delicacies. (It's not at all sweet compared to what Americans consider to be "sweet.)

However, it is good and simple to prepare. There are only five steps in the recipe, and only five ingredients are required.


10. Longan Tong Sui

This recipe is quite similar to the one for snow fungus. This one, however, emphasizes the longan above the snow fungus.

Additionally, it substitutes ginkgo nuts for the lotus seeds and goji berries. Additionally, it takes a little longer to produce.

Both soups, in any case, are sweet and contain typical Asian ingredients.

This one also functions nicely as a cool summer beverage.


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