Vegetarians will just love Mauritian food. Here are 30 Indian vegetarian dishes for you, ranging from heavy and buttery stews to tasty biryanis.

If you've made the decision to avoid meat, Mauritian food will become your new best buddy.
30 Tastiest and Best Mauritian Vegetarian Food Recipes For Your Next Dinner

30 Best Mauritian Veg Dinner Ideas

While fish and chicken are common ingredients in Indian cuisine, there are many vegetarian options available.

Mauritian recipes, with their wealth of aromatic spices, provide some of the most delectable vegetarian foods known to man.

If your diet consists primarily of dull salads, this collection of recipes is for you.

With these vegetarian recipes from Mauritius, you may take your taste senses on a great culinary adventure!

This list includes everything you'll need to prepare a great Mauritian feast, from Mauritian curries to simple Mauritian salad.


1. Satini Bringelle (Eggplant Chutney)

Brinjal Chutney (Eggplant Chutney), a spicy and enticing condiment made from brinjal, garlic, onions, and a variety of spices, is a must-have Mauritian condiment.

Baingan chutney is best served with rice, roti, or farata for a filling supper.


2. Red Kidney Beans (Haricot Rouge)

Dried beans are less expensive and tastier than canned beans, making them an excellent pantry staple.

Yes, it takes a bit more effort than simply opening a can and going, but understanding how to soak dry red kidney beans, cook red kidney beans, then store and freeze the beans is the way to go

It is best to soak dried beans overnight. If you don't have much time, start them in hot water and leave them for four to five hours.


3. Cabbage and Carrot Pickle (Achard Legumes)

This colorful and flavorful side dish is made out of crunchy veggies pickled with mustard, turmeric, and vinegar.

When you want a side dish that is acidic and can cut through other flavors, consider this quick pickled cabbage. This quick pickled cabbage dish is simple to make at home and has the perfect blend of tastes and texture. It is a fantastic condiment to keep on hand for future usage!


4. Chayote Gratin (Gratin Chouchou)

If you like Chayote and Cheese, you must try this dish! Chayote au Gratin, also known as Gratin Chouchou in Mauritius, is a delicious and adaptable dish that can be served as an appetizer or as a side dish. Because of its adaptability, this dish can be served with bread or with a side salad, or in any combination. The flavor is comparable to that of a meat and cheese quiche but without the crust.


5. Khichri

Khichdi is an Indian dish comprised of rice and moong dal that is light and easy to digest. If you want to have something light and healthy for dinner, the best option is easy-to-digest rice khichdi. In truth, it is simple to chew. Plain khichri made with rice and ghee is so delicious and healthful that it's suggested for babies and the elderly, and it's frequently served with aloo curry and buttermilk.


6. Vegetarian Biryani

Everyone craves Veg Biryani, a masala-packed celebratory feast. Veg Briyani is a flavorful, unique, and delectable main meal made with spices, vegetables, and ghee. It is usually prepared on weekends and special occasions and is best served with chutney or chili pickle.

This wonderful veg dum biryani demands care and attention to detail, as well as time and a lot of love. The savory flavors in your first mouthful make the time and effort spent in the kitchen worthwhile.


7. Gros Pois Masala (Lima Beans Curry)

Masala gros pois is the name given to lima bean curry in Mauritius. It's delectable! It is delicious on its own with a piece of roti, but it is even better in the dholl puri that Mauritius has become famous for. This curry may be made in about 30 minutes using frozen beans or soaking dried lima beans. A quick main course or side dish for hectic weekdays or idle weekends.

Serve with rice or with coriander chutney inside the dholl puri and you've got a mouthful of bliss. You will not be sorry if you do this. Genuine love!


8. Brinjal Curry (Eggplant)

Brinjal curry is one of my favorite quick dinners. This healthful, fragrant Mauritian-style eggplant masala is ready in 30 minutes and packed with chopped brinjal, or eggplant, coconut, peanuts, and sesame seeds.


9. Mine Bouille Gros Poid

Mine Bouille has been the new food trend in Mauritius for the past 4-5 years but finding a nice Veg Mine Bouille can be a bit hard. Mine Bouille Gros Poid is the yummiest Veg Boiled Noodle that you can prepare easily at home.

Whenever you have leftover "Gros Poid", do not forget to prepare this yummy dish. You might get addicted. 


10. Lichou Touffé et Pomme De Terre (Sauteed Cabbage and Potato)

This fried cabbage and potatoes recipe is a diverse and simple vegetarian side dish. Potatoes are sautéed with diced cabbage, onion, and spices. Serve alongside a main course or another protein for a complete meal.


11. Vegetarian Haleem

Veg Haleem is a spicy, creamy, and delectable dish. This dish is traditionally made with meat, but I prepare a vegetarian version to fit my dietary constraints. You can find meat Halim in almost every corner in Mauritius, but Veg Halim is kind of rare. So, prepare the vegetarian Halim at home and this can be your next best food.

Haleem aka halim is often made over a long period of time, usually overnight. This gives the meal its distinct texture and incredible depth of flavor. However, this rapid pot recipe for veg haleem tastes just as excellent, is creamy, and only takes around 30 minutes to prepare.


12. Dhal Pitta

Dhal "Pitta" is a simple and appetizing dhal meal with pieces of flour dough (pasta). Simple pantry staples are used to make a delicious one-pot nutritious supper. Such a dish is particularly sentimental for me because it reminds me so much of my youth, spent in a happy environment with extended family. Memories are there to be treasured, and there are some things that cannot be removed from the heart; time passes, but memories endure.


13. Potato Chutney (Satini Pomme De Terre)

Potato Chutney is a delicious side dish for meals & Farata (Chapati) is made by cooking potatoes with spices. Potato chutney is easy to cook and a nice alternative to regular chutneys. 

Potatoes have a pleasant flavor and are widely available in the market. This dish is full of taste and variation, so make sure to give it a try.


14. Chayotte and Dhal (Dal Chouchou)

When dal and chow chow (chayote) are cooked together, you get a dish with great texture and flavor. The chow chow softens and melds into the dal, providing an interesting counterpoint to the dal's "porridginess." When I want to do more with chayote than make a simple stew, I usually make this chow chow dal.


15. Arouille La Daude (Taro Stew)

Taro, or "Arouille" in Mauritius, is a root vegetable similar to potatoes that is a staple item in African, South Indian, and Chinese cuisines. As with many of our dishes in Mauritius, we inherited this delectable vegetable from our African and Asian ancestors.

Taro, like potatoes, is a very flexible vegetable that may be converted into chips, savory and sweet dishes, desserts, or even party snacks. I'm betting many of your Mauritian friends are dreaming about the most delectable "gateau arouille".

It can be served with plain fluffy basmati rice or Roti and is a healthful supper - a one-pot dish that is also quite cozy.


16. Tarka Dhal

Serve this tasty and nutritious Easy Tarka Dal with steaming rice or naan bread for a savory supper. I'm not sure about yours, but my kids would happily tuck into this soothing delectable Dal Tarka at least once a week - that's one nutritious mid-week dinner taken care of.

This meal is ideal for vegetarians/vegans or anyone seeking a meatless option. It goes well with spicy curries like Jackfruit, Eggplant Chutney, and even better a simple Rougaille.


17. Okra Salad

Okra is a vitamin-rich superfood that is a superb antioxidant for treating and preventing infections. Because it is so attractive, this is a very brief nutritional value of the incredibly uncommon tiny vegetable known as lay's fingers. Because of their incredible health benefits, such delicate vegetables should be consumed as fresh and as easily as possible. To keep the texture and flavor, I kept the preparation to a minimum. Mauritian elegance at its best.


18. Black Lentils (Lentilles Noir)

Black lentils are not something new to any Mauritian. This lentil is a delicious Mauritian favorite that goes along with any other dish. The other food that we love to eat along with this is Potato chutney, rougaille, or eggplant chutney. You can also consume it just as soup. 

It's packed with lots of protein. Make a large batch and enjoy the leftovers for a whole day.


19. Touffé Giraumon (Sauteed Pumpkin)


20. Cari Bari (Curry Burry)


21. Touffé Chouchou (Sauteed Chayote)


22. Rougaille Touni


23. Gratin Pomme De Terre


24. Dal Calabash


25. Dhal Puri


26. Sauteed Green Beans with Potato


27. Crêpes Salées (Savoury Crepe Recipe)


28. Potato and Kidney Bean Daube


29. Mauritian Vegetarian fried Rice


30. Mauritian Vegetarian Fried Noodles



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