Mauritius, with its diverse cultures, has something special to offer in terms of delicacies. The variety of Mauritian desserts and sweets is endless... Each of them has the distinct quality of being both simply and spectacularly good!
15 Best Traditional Mauritian Desserts and Cookies Everyone Craves For

15 Best and Simple Traditional Mauritian Cookies and Desserts Recipes

Mauritian sweet dishes and delicacies have been inspired by Indian, French, and Chinese cuisine, as the country is rich in varied cultures. Some of these meals have evolved over time to accommodate the available ingredients as well as the local taste preferences.

These delicacies are not only inexpensive, but also widely available in practically every tuck store, street stall, and café.

A small Mauritian sweetness is never refused, no matter the time or the occasion. They're here, they're here... Prepare to drool with envy...


1. Banana Tarte (Tarte Banane)

This is a shortcrust pastry with a banana filling. The tart is normally made with very ripe bananas that are mashed rather than sliced, and the top is topped with crisscross strips of dough.


2. Napolitaine

Napolitaine is a traditional Mauritius cake that may now be bought in supermarkets. The Napolitans are two shortbread cookies sandwiched together with jam and topped with a pink glaze (they are also found with a white glaze).

Are you addicted to Napolitaine? Don't be afraid to bring some home, and why not try the recipe yourself at home? There is a small pastry shop in the Port Louis district (near the chapel of Père Laval in Sainte Croix) where they are excellent and reasonably priced. If you happen to be passing by, don't hesitate to stop by and say hello to the seller.


3. Ladoo

Ladoo is a dessert that originated in Indian culture and was adopted by the Mauritanians. Traditionally offered during religious ceremonies or during the Divali festival, ladoo is now available in sachets in supermarkets, village shops, and food courts around the island, making it available to anyone as a dessert or snack at any time of day.


4. Salad with exotic fruits

Salads with exotic fruits can also be used as desserts. It is commonly found on street corners in Mauritius, and the fruits can also be obtained crystallized. On the other hand, on our little tropical island, we have a large variety of exotic fruits that can be used as desserts, such as carambola, grenadine, jaque, longan, soursop, coconut, pineapple, mango, papaya, watermelon, banana zinzeli, letchi, dragon fruit, and tamarind, among others.


5. Flan

The flan, which is exquisitely fondant, is a delightful dessert that is so simple to make that you won't believe it. The flan, made with milk, egg, and coconut, can be eaten with caramel or maple syrup. This delectable dessert will have you wanting more with each bite.


6. Pudding (Poudine)

Local bakeries and pastry stores sell a variety of puddings. Among the most popular are poudine mai (cornstarch and custard), bread pudding (a Mauritian version of bread and butter pudding), and galettes manioc (cassava and coconut pudding).


7. Gato Coco

Coconut candy is a confection made from milk, grated coconut, and sugar. This is something that can be readily replicated at home and is not difficult to accomplish. This delicacy, which is quite delicious, will delight coconut fans as well as children, because it is available in a variety of colors and flavors!


8. Alouda

Who can say no to this delightful beverage? They are milk-based drinks and Indian basil seeds (called "toukmaria" in Mauritius: these are little black seeds that swell and coat with a white cottony substance when immersed in water) that are drank very cold or ice-cold. Vanilla and strawberry Aloudas are available by the glass. If you visit Mauritius, you must try this!


9. Puit d’Amour

A quick paste, a rich cream, and grated coconut. The cream, according to the stores, is more or less heavy, which can make the Puit D'Amour a little nasty, but the one at the Port Louis market near the Aloudas stand is just right! Go ahead and give it a shot!

There are many additional Mauritian deserts that are worth the journey, but listing them all would be difficult. I hope this essay has given you a taste of Mauritian specialties cuisine and inspired you to try it.


10. Gateau Zinzli

Gateau Gingli, inspired by Chinese sesame balls, is not just popular during the Chinese Spring Festival, but can also be found practically anywhere at any time. They are tasty tiny balls coated in sesame seeds and fried rather than packed with bean paste.


11. Gateau Patates

Sweet potatoes are the key ingredient in Gato Patate. Before being deep-fried, these little cakes are fashioned into half-moons and filled with coconut and sugar. They are then distributed to friends and family in brightly colored wrapping and cartons.


12. Oundé

Oundé is a traditional rice-based treat in which little balls of sugar, vanilla, and cardamom are coated with desiccated coconut. Semolina can also be used for ground rice.


13. Rasgulla

Rasgulla is a very sweet milk-based dessert, enjoyed in festivals and auspicious occasions like Diwali, Eid, and Navratri. Homemade Rasgulla is usually made up of powdered milk, a pinch of all-purpose flour (optional), baking powder, and clarified butter (ghee); kneaded to form a dough, molded into balls, deep-fried, and dropped into the simmering sugar syrup.


14. Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a milk-based delicacy that is surely among the most loved desserts in Mauritius. They are also widely served in India and Caribbean countries. The Mauritian version of Gulab Jamun is shaped like sausages, as opposed to the Indian form, which is spherical, and the ingredients are slightly different.


15. Tekwa

Tekwa is a lovely golden brown fluffy fritter stuffed with dhal. In Mauritius, having a tekwa with a great cup of tea in the afternoon is fairly popular.



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