Satini Brinzel

Satini Brinzel

Satini Brinzel in a Mauritian food which goes with any kind to meal. It is best served with rice and dhal ek so brede. Quand zafer la in pres, SVP MANZE AR LAMAIN!!! NAPA SERVI CUILLERE -_- merci :p

preparation_icon Preparation Time: 15min

cooking_icon Cooking: 30min

readyin_icon Ready in: 45min

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• 2 young medium sized aubergines

• 1 onion, cut into small cubic form

• 1 tbsp oil

• ½ lemon- juiced

• 3 ti pima vert

• ½ tsp sugar (optional)

• Salt and 1 tigit dipoive


✓ Griller bringel Dan four

✓ Enlev la po bringel la

✓ Craz ek 1 fourchette

✓ Ajoute oignons couper en cube

✓ Cotomili hachee

✓ Azout Ti pima vert

✓ Azout disel

✓ Perse moitier Limon

Ek nek melange tou et voila.

Meilleur fasson to kapv manz sa satini la C avek Duri Dhal Brede ;)